Golf is for a large part a mental sport. Yet we do not spend much time developing our mental game skills. The reasons for this are, among other things, that we are possessed by technology, do not like mental hassle and we rarely think about the way in which we can really learn something. For that we will need to develop mental skills.

Develop your mental skills
By developing mental skills, we can achieve better implementation of technical skills. The ideal picture is what we envision. A mental disorder (stress) prevents accurate perception of reality and therefore training is necessary. Intensifying our experience (through training) reduces the disruption, improves our learning and therefore promotes performance.

How do you do that?
Do not get stuck in the same movement if you notice that it is not going well. Free yourself and open the lid of your brain. Look at yourself, feel what happens and change your action. Change takes effort, but change makes you progress! Understanding something does not automatically mean that we can do it immediately. It is a process of training and incentives.

How do you learn best?
People have an innate capacity for learning. Experiencing what we do helps us record, learn and implement. You can increase the ability to learn if you know the best way to learn. By looking, hearing instructions or by feeling the movement. Or a combination of these senses.

Growing through mistakes
Always stay calm and allow yourself to grow due to mistakes. Example: when practicing / playing, try to retrieve the last beat that you are not satisfied with. Ask yourself the question: what did I do? How did it feel? What should I have done? How should it feel? You can convert the answers (hear) by, for example, performing a practice stroke without a ball. Feel the right movement again and turn it into a blow with the ball.

Talking mirror
Your coach is your talking mirror. He can show you, tell you and feel what change in your movement is necessary to hit the ball well. This is the reason that you are going to take lessons.

Believe in yourself
Eventually you will become mentally stronger when your self-confidence increases, know what you should do, know that mistakes belong, know that you keep learning, know that you have to stay focused, know that you have to keep fun, know that you have to keep working and then you will find the balance to successfully follow your dream!