Be the first to move the body (as if you are throwing a ball aside). Then gently push the left arm away from you and then feel that you are going down in a circle. The right upper arm comes to the chest and you make sure that the end of the grip points to the ball. At that moment you pull the left arm down and push the right forearm to the side towards the goal. This looks like a forehand blow from tennis. Your hands will naturally start doing things from relaxation, which is much faster than you consciously move them yourself!

It is almost the same as the swing with the irons. The only thing is that instead of under the shoulders, you can make the private throw for the shoulders alongside. This is because the ball is on the tee instead of on the floor! In the set-up, bring the upper body slightly from the hip to the right. This ensures that you can stay well behind the ball and that you will hit the ball up!

Tiger woods

Thomas Pieters

The best drives of 2018